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Most women and girls from about 10 years old to 50 years old have periods. The proper name for periods is menstruation.

This is normal and a sign that you are healthy and are growing up.

What is a period? Periods or menstruation means blood will come out from your vagina, which is between your legs.

The blood from your period will not hurt you. It will be reddish brown and might be a bit lumpy. There will be more blood in the first few days of your period

Living with your period.

The blood will flow for 3-7 days once a month. You need to keep your clothes clean and yourself comfortable.


You need to stop your pants getting blood on them. You need to use a sanitary towel or tampon. Sanitary towels are NOT NAPPIES! You use them when you have a period.

Should I use a sanitary towel or a tampon? A tampon fits in your vagina and soaks up the blood before it leaves your body. A sanitary towel soaks up the blood once it’s left your body.

Everyone is different. Ask someone you know what they think. Then choose what is best for you.

Don't be embarrassed! EVERY girl and woman needs to buy sanitary towels and tampons.

How do you use a sanitary towel?  This is a sanitary towel.


 They come in different sizes.  They go in your pants and catch the blood from your period to keep your pants clean.

 Take a sanitary towel out of the packet. Peel off the sticky strip in the middle.

How do you use a sanitary towel? Put it in your pants.  The sticky strip will now keep it in place.

 Now you can get on with things and not worry about your period. But remember to change the pad every 2-4 hours during the day.

How do you use a tampon? 


They come in different sizes.  Tampons are more difficult to use. They go in your vagina and absorb the blood before it leaves your body.

 How do you use a tampon? Push the tampon well into your vagina until it feels comfortable. It should be all the way in with only the string hanging out.

When it’s time to change, use the string to pull the tampon out.

Be prepared! It’s a good idea to carry some sanitary towels or tampons with you all the time. Your period can start when you don’t expect it, or you might forget it’s due.

If your period starts and you don’t have sanitary towels or tampons with you, use tissues or rolled up soft toilet paper, or ask a friend if they’ve got one. REMEMBER to change to a sanitary towel or tampon as soon as possible.

How often do you change your sanitary towel or tampon? It is important to change your towel or tampon every 2-4 hours when your period is heavy.

 Don’t leave a sanitary towel on for more than 6 hours. It will smell.

What to do with your used towel or tampon.

Wrap it up in toilet paper. Put it in a bin, NOT down the toilet! Then wash your hands.

Do you have pain with your periods? You might get a sore stomach or back when you have your period.

You can do things to help the pain. You can go for a walk, take a warm bath, put a hot water bottle on your stomach or take a paracetamol. If it's really bad, tell someone!

You may feel sad then happy, or be bad tempered. This is normal and is due to the changes in your body when you have a period.


 Don’t worry! You will be back to normal in a few days.

 You can still do things while you have a period! You can still get some exercise while you are having your period. You can go for walks, or just go out with your friends. You can go swimming if you’re using a tampon, NOT if you’re using a sanitary towel. You can still have baths, showers and wash your hair.

Doing these things will probably help you feel better too!

Who to ask for help. You might be worried about your period, or have other questions about it.

 Talk to your community nurse, carer, Mum, teacher, school nurse or your friends. They will be able to help you.


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