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Feeling frustrated


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Sometimes our feelings can get the better of us.

Everyone has days when they feel angry or frustrated, but it may become a problem if these feelings are getting too much and becoming a part of your daily life.

We might all get short bursts of anger or frustration, but if these feelings are there all the time and you find yourself losing control often, there are things you can do to help yourself relax.

For more information and advice on dealing with your feelings, visit the Young Minds anger issues page. Or speak to the school nurse

·         Self-harm

·         Stress

Support on St Helena:

Ask the school nurse for advice on who can help you.

The school nurse offers a drop-in service for young people to come and chat to about any social, emotional and physical health and wellbeing issues.

The mental health team offer counselling for young people who feel their emotional wellbeing is suffering, whatever the reason may be.

You can go to your nurse / Doctor for help at any age. Anything you talk about is confidential and will be kept between you and your nurse / doctor unless you or someone else is at risk..

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