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Taking drugs is dangerous and could affect your mental health.

There are many myths and stereotypes surrounding drugs so it is important that you get the right information.

If you or a family member or friend need advice about substance misuse, ask your school nurse for further advice

Talk to Frank
For free confidential drugs information and advice look at Talk to Frank. website

Drugs and crime
If you are caught with drugs or intend to supply then you are breaking the law. Find out more about the laws on drugs and drug use on the Gov website.

Legal highs

'Legal highs' are no longer legal since a new ban on psychoactive substances has come into place, making the production, sale or supply of psychoactive substances intended for human consumption illegal.

You've probably heard of 'legal highs' which can be sold as powders, pills, liquids or other forms, and often come in bright coloured packaging with catchy brand names.


It is illegal to sell alcohol to under-18s, it is also illegal to knowingly buy alcohol for someone who is younger than the legal age limit.

The police have the legal power to confiscate alcohol from anyone they know to be, or reasonably believe to be, under 18 and drinking in a public place.

Many people enjoy drinking alcohol. In small amounts it can help you feel more sociable. However the effect depends on a whole range of factors, including the strength of the drink, how fast it's consumed, your physical size, whether you've eaten or not...

For more info and answers to commonly asked questions about alcohol, like how much alcohol is in a unit and what amount is healthy, check out this video on alcohol advice.

The dangers of binge drinking
Alcoholic drinks, when consumed sensibly and in moderation, can be enjoyable, but if you drink excessively you can put your health at risk. Unfortunately there are too many young people who make this mistake every year.

What to do if you or someone you know has a drink problem

You can also get help if someone else's use of alcohol is seriously affecting your life. See your school nurse for further advice

Drink Driving

Never drink or take illegal drugs and then get behind the wheels of a vehicle - choose who in the group is going to be the designated driver, or just split a taxi. If you do drink you may still have alcohol in your system in the morning, which means it will still be unsafe to drive. So if you know that you need to drive the next day, it’s probably safer not to drink at all.

You might not want to fork out the few quid for a taxi, but it's better than risking losing your license, paying a huge fine, or getting hurt!

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